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Sam Harris

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Sam is the Data Manager for National and Specialist CAMHS Outpatients Department in the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. He works to support his colleagues to understand and utilise their electronic clinical records system as well as their clinical and financial reporting. He has worked on projects which focus on making data more available and understandable for those without a technical background. Sam has produced dashboards and visualisations that focus on empowering users to access the data that is most meaningful to them.


He is interested in “hacker statistics” and has developed random walk models that simulate the impact of policy changes on patient flow. He has used time series analysis to explore the return to face-to-face work following the COVID-19 lockdowns and to explore the impact of policy decisions. His research interests include understanding how a person's characteristics and background affect their access to healthcare and their healthcare outcomes.

Sam's initial work within the lab will focus on using predictive analytics to enhance healthcare delivery and provide novel population based visualisations.

Sam Harris
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