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Digital Therapeutics & Assessment

Exploring how new digital technologies can be used to improve our assessment, treatment and prevention of child and adolescent mental health problems.


The Digital Therapies and Assessment Oversight Group (DTAG) comprises clinicians, researchers, and experts by experience. The group oversees the discovery and development of new digital interventions to support child and adolescent mental health, evaluating these tools before they are used by clinicians, schools, caregivers and young people.


myHealthE is a secure online portal for families accessing their local CAMHS. Through myHealthE, families can provide information to their clinician between appointments, keeping them up to date about how their child is getting on. They can also find resources and links to other relevant services which might help.



myJournE is a mood monitoring app, co-designed with young people in South London. Through the app, young people can keep track of their mental health. We study this data to help us understand what kind of support we need to be offering young people in our local area. So far, myJournE has been trialled in local schools, and in the RESHAPE Mental Health of Children and Young People National survey. It will also be used by the Maudsley Education Consultation Service to help schools keep track of their pupils’ mental health, and know what support they need to offer their pupils.



The Paediatric Actigraphic Clinical Evaluation (PACES) project is exploring how wearable devices could be used to evaluate interventions for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We have pioneered a child-friendly wearable device and app, jointly designed by clinicians, researchers, designers, engineers, families and children with ADHD. This device tracks activity levels, which will help us understand how medication affects ADHD symptoms, and thus help us improve treatment for ADHD.

PACES Wearable

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