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Anna Morris

Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

Anna Morris works within the data science and discovery workstream of the CAMHS Digital Lab. She is a Research Assistant and PhD candidate in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at King’s College London. 

Her research focuses on remote monitoring for improving child and adolescent mental health through more effective use of clinical data and technology, leading to evidence-driven digital tools ready for implementation within the NHS.

Anna’s interest falls into two main strands – subjective monitoring, where she has previously worked on the development of patient-facing web portals to improve patient-reported outcome measurement, and objective monitoring, which forms the basis of her current PhD research.

This research is part of the NIHR-funded REMAIN programme, which aims to build and test an innovative digital package of objective ADHD management tools, including, wearable devices and online data collection platforms.

Her PhD is focused on contextualising objective markers of activity in ADHD, by examining population differences in motor activity between ADHD and non-ADHD children and individual level differences in a clinical sample of ADHD children.

Anna Morris
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