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Presenting at the Haberdashers' Academies Annual Trust Conference


We spoke to teachers from across the Haberdashers’ network about our ongoing collaboration to improve mental health support in schools

On the 19th February 2024, Jess Penhallow (Programme Manager, CAMHS Digital Lab), Will Bennett (Research Officer, CAMHS Digital Lab), and Dr Jacqueline Phillips-Owen attended the Haberdashers' Academies Annual Trust Conference. The team led two workshops and spoke to more than 50 teachers from across the Haberdashers’ network about the Maudsley Education Consultation Service (MECS) and their ongoing partnership with Haberdashers’ schools.

They focused on the myJournE wellbeing survey, which was developed by the CAMHS Digital Lab and will be sent out to students and parents at Hatcham Primary and Hatcham College in March. myJournE is a web-based survey which asks questions about wellbeing, life at school, and help-seeking. The results of the survey will be shared with participating schools, so that they can provide more targeted and appropriate wellbeing support for their students.

Teachers who attended the workshop gained a greater understanding of the project and were able to share their views on key questions such as how to increase responses from students and parents, how student mental health has changed in their time as educators, and what questions they think we should be asking about mental health in their school.

Thanks to Haberdashers for their invitation to the conference, and thanks to the teachers who attended and shared their insights!

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