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Digital innovation massively increases research engagement


More than 3000 consent for contact forms collected through myHealthE

South London and Maudsley aims to embed research into everyday NHS care. The consent for contact process has been critical to this, and has made a big impact on the number of children, young people and families involved in research. However, many families have told us that they would like to have an opportunity to be involved in research early, especially whilst they are waiting for assessment or treatment. They have also told us that whilst they appreciate having a face to face discussion with clinicians, they would also be happy to provide consent for contact digitally.  We therefore adapted myHealthE to invite families to provide consent for contact at the point of referral. This has led to significant increase in families that can now be involved in research.  In 2023, almost 3,000 families consented to be contacted by researchers, an increase of 66% compared to 2019. This included a marked increase of recruitment of people from different ethnic groups and lower income homes. It has also enabled families to be recruited much quicker, with the median time to consent for contact being 34 days with myHealthE compared with 136 days with traditional methods. These changes will enhance the quality of research informing evidence-based practice. 


If you want to read more about the consent for contact process pleas follow this link, if you want to read more about research conducted across the Trust please click here.

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